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Launch Your New Restaurant with a Soft Opening

Getting a new business off the ground requires a lot of planning and industry knowledge. When it comes to launching a new restaurant, this can be even more daunting because you have no matter how well you plan, you still have the challenge of getting people in the door that first time. One way to introduce the public to a new dining spot is to host a soft opening. This is a proven strategy that will not only get people to try your restaurant but allow you to make sure the staff is ready for things to go full swing.  

Double Check the Checklist 

Preparing to fully open a restaurant to the public means making sure every final detail is lined up. Are all the menus printed with the correct items? Has the head chef worked out the remaining details with the kitchen and wait staff? Is the bar stocked or are you still working on TABC licensing or getting a liquor license in your state? Go through each function of the business and make sure everyone has what they need to do their job and check off those last little details. 

Keep the Soft Opening Simple 

The idea of a soft opening is to work out any kinks that may be left before fully opening, but also to give new customers a taste that will have them coming back for more. Consider having a partial menu with signature items and drinks that will give customers a glimpse of what you’ll have in store after fully opening.  

There is always room for more amazing dining experiences in any city. With a good strategy and a great menu, your restaurant can be booming from the start. Having a soft opening and getting the word out through your food is a fantastic way to attract customers to the great experience you have to offer.